Do you know who the top 50 B2B influencers are in your industry?

Could you find the 20 most communicative B2B micro-influencers?

How about dozens of podcasters covering your industry?

As you plan your influencer outreach program for the next 12 months, wouldn't it be helpful to discover untapped B2B influencers, industry professionals who are already communicating online about the markets you serve?

Now, The Influencer's Bureau provides The Interactive B2B Influencer Database, a unique tool that helps you discover untapped influencers in your industry.

Here's how it works: The Influencer's Bureau has been tracking social commentary at B2B trade shows since 2016. Data tracked includes a wide range of social networks, web sites, and even links to books published.

Now, you can purchase access to the database from the past three years across 4 industries: marketing, technology, entertainment, and automotive.

B2B Trade Shows

Unique Accounts

New Unique Users in the past week.

A one-stop spot for Influencer Connections.

B2B influencers aren't just about reach, they are about the composition of the people that follow them.

The Influencer Bureau's Interactive B2B Influencer Database is a one-stop spot that shows you details about Influencer's that would take you hours to find on the web.

In one quick view, you can see:

  • Who sent out the most messaging?
  • Whose messages reached the most people?
  • Who has the biggest following?
  • What other hashtags were people using?
  • ...and much, much more.

Plus the report does something rather magical. We have scanned the internet and compiled probably the only comprehensive directory of influencers' social media footprints available today. So, instead of spending hours trying to find social media accounts that might not even exist, The Interactive B2B Influencer Database puts it all in one place.

You will have at-a-glance access to the following social media information about each influencer (where available):
Their Web site • Twitter profile • Facebook account(s) • Linkedin profile • Instagram • Snapchat • Youtube Channel • Google • and links to Amazon for any books they have written.

Imagine how much easier it will be to learn about Influencers when you can scan their entire network quickly!

Tag, Search, and Build an Influencer Outreach program. As you are going through the lists of people, easily tag the accounts you want to track by clicking the famous little green check mark. Then, whenever you look at the report, you can view only the accounts you have checked. It's a great way to cut through the clutter and focus only on the relationships you want to build.

In just a couple clicks, narrow the list down. See the range of social networks they use, see their Linkedin page, their Twitter profile, and even their blog, web site, or Youtube channel.

You can even see a list of the other shows the person has commented on!

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Create a communications strategy that helps get the word out.

Influencers provide a trusted amplification of messaging so if you can get connected, your message could make it out to millions of additional people.

The top 50. Plus, the top 100 and 200 available for free!

While the base report defaults to showing you the all-important top 50 influencers, you also have access to the top 100 and top 200 at no additional cost. And, the Who Tweeted Most and Other Hashtags sections link you through to influencer's regardless of the size of their following.


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