Who are the 20 most communicative B2B micro-influencers in your industry?

Do you run a podcast for which you would like some industry support?

Is finding new clients a priority for your organization?

Influencers use B2BiDb to surface new connections with new clients by learning about organizations targeting the same audience.

Marketers and Digital PR pros use B2BiDb to find industry professionals to help execute influencer outreach programs.

Vendors use B2BiDb to discover who is involved in the purchase decision at target companies.

Introducing B2BiDb -- The B2B Influencer Database -- a unique tool that helps connect B2B marketing pros, socially active industry professionals (aka B2B influencers), and vendors.


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The one-stop spot for making B2B connections.

In the world of B2B, it's hard for marketers and influencers to make the connections that matter. B2B influencers are hard to find because they aren't just about reach, they are about the composition of the people that follow them.

That's why The Influencer Bureau created B2BiDb. To give you a one-stop view of the entire known social footprint of people and companies involved in B2B products. It shows you details that would take you hours to find on the web.

In one quick view, you can see:

  • Who's been involved with what B2B Trade show?
  • What hashtags are podcasters using more than other people?
  • Whose messages are reaching the most people?
  • Who has the biggest following?
  • ...and much, much more.

Plus B2BiDb does something rather magical. We scanned the internet and compiled probably the only comprehensive directory of B2B professionals' social media footprints available today. So, instead of spending hours trying to find social media accounts that might not even exist, B2BiDb puts it all in one place.

You will have at-a-glance access to the following social media information about each influencer (where available):
Their Web site • Twitter profile • Facebook account(s) • Linkedin profile • Instagram • Snapchat • Youtube Channel • Google • and links to Amazon for any books they have written.

Imagine how much easier it will be to learn about people and companies when you can scan their entire network quickly!

But that, as they say, is not all...

The database itself has an enormous number of features that will help you make the connections you want. Tag Easily tag the accounts you want to track by clicking the famous little green check mark. Then, add keywords to so you can keep track of what you are specifically thinking.
Alerts Intelligent alert functionality allows you to follow any topic or account and get a roll-up on the schedule that you want.
Search for what you want and then save the search so you can apply it whenever you want.

In just a couple clicks, narrow the list down. See the range of social networks they use, see their Linkedin page, their Twitter profile, and even their blog, web site, or Youtube channel.

You can even see a list of the other shows the person has commented on!

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Pricing isn't yet available but here's how it's going to work. For a monthly fee, you get access to the entire database and can tap as many shows from all the industries covered. With your subscription, you can choose how many individual event reports you want to have access to.
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