The 2018 B2B Trade Show Hashtag Report from The Influencer's Bureau

What were the top 150 B2B hashtags in 2018?

Introducing The 2018 B2B Trade Show Hashtag Report. Order Now
B2B Trade Show audiences used 122,000 hashtags 1.6 million times in 2018.
150 hashtags were used 70% of the time.

A secret weapon for B2B social marketers.

B2B marketing is just different than B2C marketing. And nowhere is it more true than in B2B social marketing. Tag the wrong audience and you don't just miss your mark, you risk clogging your pipeline. You risk losing focus.

The 2018 B2B Trade Show Hashtag Report gives you insights into what hashtags are resonating with B2B audiences. It will help you tag your posts better, more intelligently attract the right kind of user. It will help you be better at B2B social marketing.

The 2018 B2B Trade Show Hashtag Report

As part of our mission to help connect B2B marketers and B2B influencers, The Influencer's Bureau has been tracking publicly available social activity at B2B trade shows since 2016.

Including the 122,000 hashtags used in 2018.

Real data that's targeted to focus on B2B.

Pick your market segments and you'll get a PDF report for each showing:
  • The top 150 hashtags used at B2B trade shows in 2018...
  • The number of times each hashtag was used for the entire year...
  • How many shows they were used at...
  • The number of unique accounts that used that hashtag... and
  • A full list of the shows at which each hashtag was used.
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Official hashtags need not apply.

Plus, we specifically steer clear of the official show hashtags for this report. With 500+ shows being covered, you can imagine that the top 150 would be skewed toward the official hashtags. More importantly, excluding the official hashtags means that the report can focus on what's on people's minds as they message about the show.

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