GeoEdge: Why Malicious Cloned Sites Are Publishers Greatest Threat

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Why Malicious Cloned Sites Are Publishers Greatest Threat

GeoEdge--89% of publishers serve deceptive ads, exposing average users to around one malicious cloned site a day.
March 28, 2021
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March 29, 2021

The Great Amazon Flip-a-Thon - New firms are raising billions of dollars to buy up popular Amazon listings, minting millionaires along the way. Here’s how it works.
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March 22, 2021

How to Work with Remote Admin Assistants & PAs

Oriel Partners - Remote PAs and Administrative Assistants can be a challenge. These tips will help set the stage for a good working relationship.
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February 25, 2021

How to Make Yourself Indispensable as a Freelancer

Entrepreneur - The gold standard, for freelancers and their clients, should be to establish long-term, rewarding, mutually beneficial relationships. Here's how to build those connections.
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January 25, 2021

The podcast business is booming, but few are making money

Axios - Nearly every major media and entertainment company is pouring lots of cash into launching new podcasts. But many of them aren't making big money — at least not yet.
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January 07, 2021

The 8 Most Annoying Behaviors in Meetings

AkkenCloud - Have you ever been in a meeting where one of your co-workers was doing something so annoying that you just couldn’t focus on what’s being said?
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December 22, 2020

This Toxic Phrase ("I'm sorry you feel that way") Is Poisoning Your Customer Relationships. - You can't apologize for how someone else feels.
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December 06, 2020

These 5 Simple Habits Will Help You Stay Focused All Day. A Psychologist Explains Why - Finding it hard to concentrate these days? Here's how to get back on track.
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November 09, 2020

The 'painted door' technique can help any business turn failures into growth

Quartz at Work - The painted door technique isn't just for product managers.
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September 27, 2020

Don't Let Perfection Be the Enemy of Productivity

Harvard Business Review - Productivity isn’t about getting more done. It’s about what you get done. Three aspects of perfectionism can interfere with your ability to prioritize the most important tasks.
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July 03, 2020

passive income isn't passive.

Pia Silva - I recently surveyed a group of entrepreneurs on what topic they’d like to hear more about from me and by far the number one request was to learn about building a passive income product.
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