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The 2018 B2B Trade Show Hashtag Report

The top 150 hashtags for B2B trade shows in four market segments (marketing, technology, auto, and media). Order today

7 Exciting Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2021 & Beyond [Infographic]

Social Media Today--Design and social media go hand-in-hand and it's always smart to stay on top of new design trends as you plan future content. Here are 7 design trends that you can expect to see more of in 2021.

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Your 2020 Content Calendar: Ideas to Fill Your Pipeline

Medium--Fill in the blanks on your content calendar and create an inspired digital feed.
April 11, 2020 Go to Medium

Is the idea of "brand" constant or evolving?

Schaefer Marketing Solutions--A brand used to be what we told you. Today, it is what consumers tell each other.
April 11, 2020 Go to Schaefer Marketing Solutions

Social Media Snark: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Executive Career Brand--Social media snark and downright rudeness are on the rise. Why do people think it's okay to post nasty remarks about others?
April 11, 2020 Go to Executive Career Brand

The state of email marketing after March 2020.

Mailerlite--Learn how email marketing is performing, interesting new stats in the rapidly changing environment and what you can do to your email marketing strategy!
April 09, 2020 Go to Mailerlite

10 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Will Help Inspire You To Build Your Own.

Digital Branding Institute--When it comes to influencer marketing, there are many approaches you can take. Look to these innovative brands for some inspiration for your own campaigns.
April 07, 2020 Go to Digital Branding Institute

Portrait of an Industry: Marketing Agencies in 2020

Digital Third Coast--An analysis of 6,000 US agencies yields a report providing a profile of the agency world. Avg number of employees (77% have 10 to 49), hourly rate (60% charge $100 to $149). Of particular interest might be the section on gender leadership.
April 03, 2020 Go to Digital Third Coast

The Coronavirus Impact on Marketing Agencies: 122 Agency Executives Report

Orbit Media Studios--This report is a snapshot in time amid a fast changing social and economic picture.
April 02, 2020 Go to Orbit Media Studios

How One Badass Reddit Post Produced 170 New Customers in under 3 Hours

Strikingly--There are two big questions startups and freelancers struggle with in their infancy: #1 - Where do I start? #2 - Where do I find clients?
March 31, 2020 Go to Strikingly

5 Content Topics to Advance Your Sale.

Tessellate Partners--What is the purpose of content if not to change or validate the mind of the reader, to share new information, to move the needle? Here are 5 Content Topics to Advance Your Sale.
March 31, 2020 Go to Tessellate Partners

The most powerful emotion in marketing may surprise you - and more brands need to tap into it.

Business Insider--Oliver Yonchev says that, rather than focus on fear, brands should focus on the feelings that are equally as powerful, but on the opposite end of the spectrum — like happiness.
March 23, 2020 Go to Business Insider

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